General Ledger

Suitable for small or large businesses or government agencies
Up to 10,000 trillion accounts available
Capable of accepting journal entries from third party subledgers or other external software
Unlimited, dynamically definable consolidations for multiple views of corporate structure
Easy-to-use, user-programmable financial statements
Powerful report generation language
Annual general ledger report
On-line balances for all accounting periods
Current year, last year and budget figures for as many years as required
Project and budgetary accounting
Multiple budgets
Calculation, posting and reversal of accrual journal entries
Future period and future year journal entries
Budget journal entries
Routine journal entries may be automatically calculated and posted
Standard format journal entries may be semi-automatic
Roll-up and roll-down facilities
Automatic year-end close

Accounts Receivable

Open invoice or balance forward
Automatically posted to Mandala General Ledger
Integration with Mandala Order Entry, Mandala Invoicing and Mandala Inventory Control
Extensive audit trail
Client credit management
Overdue interest computation
Customized aged trial balance
Customized client statements
Bank deposit reconciliation
Invoice inquiries
Multiple Banks
Multiple Currencies
Exchange Rate Database

Order Entry Invoicing

Easily customized
Interfaced to Mandala Inventory control, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger
Single data entry from quotes to sales orders to invoices with full edit capabilities at any level
Automatic pricing, client credit checks
Custom stationery may be used
Handling of back orders is supported
Picking tickets giving product location and shipping information may be produced
Automatic and up-to-date currency conversions available for multiple currencies

Accounts Payable

Tracks invoices by invoice, due, effective , entry, and paid dates
Flexible invoice selection for payment
Computer generated cheques, multiple bank accounts
Cheque reconciliation
Backward and forward aging
Automatic posting to Mandala General Ledger
Automatic tax allocation for both PST and GST, if desired. Allocation of recoverable and expense portions of GST where applicable
GST reconciliation reports
May be integrated with Mandala Inventory and Mandala Property Maintenance modules

Fixed Assets Ledger

Computation of CCA by class
Choice of depreciation method by item
Automatic depreciation posting to General Ledger
Additions through Mandala Accounts Payable
Sale or disposal through Mandala Accounts Receivable

Sales Ledger

Multiple sales divisions
Breakdown by department
Enforced cash sheet balance
User defined balancing formulae
Sales reports for any time period
Automatic posting to Mandala General Ledger
Easily customized


A true Canadian payroll
Every province and territory
Any standard payroll period (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, etc.)
User-defined overtime categories, non-statutory deductions and benefits
Availability of customized calculations for earnings and deductions
Cost centre allocation
Flexible, user customized data entry
Handles standard (Defined Benefit, Money Purchase, RRSP, Deferred Profit Sharing) and hybrid pension plans
Calculates and reports Pension Adjustments
Extremely accurate deductions
Meets all Canada Customs and Revenue Agency requirements
Complete and accurate EI history
Record of employment forms, T4′s
User customized cheques, payroll register
Direct bank deposits
Mid period cheques or bank deposits for advances, terminations, bonuses, retroactive pay, sick pay, make-up pay, vacation pay
Incorporates human resources information
Historical employee earnings and deductions
Analysis of historical employee earnings
Automatic generation of journal entries to Mandala General Ledger, including all wages, deductions and benefits

Inventory Control

Multiple stock locations in multiple provinces
Automatic ordering, back order handling
Purchase order subsystem
Packing slip control, Accounts Payable reconciliation
Factors for currency exchange, freight, duty
Federal and Provincial taxes
Activity report
Stock report, inventory analysis
Interfaces to order entry and invoicing systems, Mandala Accounts Receivable, Mandala General Ledger, Mandala Material Requisitions
Point of sale interface
Maintains weighted average cost
Tracks lost sales, emergency receipts

Specific Item Inventory Control

Identifies inventory units by serial number
Inventory relief through invoicing
Profitability by client, unit, unit class
True cost of sales

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