Customer Testimonials

Lyle Tilley Davidson Chartered Accountants has been working with Mandala Systems Limited since the firm was first established in 1978.

In 2002 our firm made a significant change to our computer network. Mandala Systems was there for us providing the design, implementation and on going support to join our three Nova Scotia offices into one smoothly operating network.

Mandala Systems is always there when we need them providing a cost effective ongoing support service. When there is a problem, they work to find the solution and don’t just have us throw more hardware at the problem in hopes of solving it.

We enjoy our working relationship with Mandala and are looking forward to the continued support and ongoing cost savings we have obtained with the system they have designed for us.

Ward Blatch, CA
Lyle Tilley Davidson
Halifax, NS


Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation has been a user of Mandala’s Property Management system since 1989. Their product was selected after an extensive RFP process which was open to all operating platforms and was chosen as it best reflected the needs of public housing operations within Canada. Mandala has gained true insight into operations and needs of organizations such as ourselves and this has in turn resulted in a superior product which has kept pace with our changing requirements and circumstances.

From the initial installation and training, as well as, throughout this period of partnership we have always found the support provided to be second to none amongst all of our software suppliers. Response, and turnaround time, is exceptional for any of the isolated problems we have encountered over the years with the end result that we have been able to provide a constant, and consistent, service to our employees. The system itself has permitted us to operate more efficiently and effectively, reducing outstanding receivables as well as to more appropriately manage our portfolio.

Rick Magill
Director, Information Systems
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation


CTH Instruments Ltd., a supplier of quality-engineered products, located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has been a user of Mandala’s Business Software since 1988. Mandala was selected after an extensive search for small business software that had the flexibility to deal with our customer requirements for detailed information on our documentation. The VMS based software has been a stable & flexible software platform to provide us with the changes required as business evolved over the years.

Mandala’s personnel has evolved themselves to understand our business so that their experienced advice was added to the software revisions and hardware upgrades required to remain competitive and profitable.

The prompt, professional & friendly service that has been provided by Mandala’s staff has made working with them truly pleasurable.

Arnold Horne
CTH Instruments Ltd.


Island Coastal Services Limited, a general contractor and golf course developer, located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, has been a user of Mandala Software since 1977. Mandala Systems Ltd. was selected after coming highly recommended by the managers of our local cable company who were one of the Mandala’s first customers.

Mandala provides our operations with a combination of software and hardware that we feel is second to none. With our operations spread over a large geographical area we cannot afford to have down time with our hardware. With the Compaq/HP brands of hardware the worry about down time is removed, as we find this equipment to be very reliable.

We are utilizing Mandala’s full G/L package, payroll and a number of customized systems that have been tailored to allow our key people to track different facets of our construction and golf operations. It is their ability to understand our needs and develop this software that has kept us a loyal customer of Mandala Systems for the past number of years.

Hardware and Software aside, we find the strongest asset that Mandala provides to us as a customer is their level of support and how it is delivered. The staff are both knowledgeable and friendly when responding to queries or concerns. Responses to problems are handled very quickly and efficiently. Their ability over the years to explain the most technical of situations in terms that customers can comprehend as well as resolving problems in a swift and professional manner has made our dealings with Mandala Systems truly enjoyable. It has often been said that “your Sales Department will sell the first system but service sells the next”. The service we have received from Mandala Systems over the past 25 plus years has sold us a large number of systems!

The relationship we have enjoyed with Mandala has been a tremendous benefit to our company. Their ability to “see our vision” and develop customized software programs to meet our needs has removed a great deal of pressure from the day to day management of our company and allowed us to grow our business without worry that the technology we have in place will not allow us to keep up with that growth.

Kent Poole
Network Administrator


Island Petroleum Products Ltd., an oil distributor in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, has been using Mandala Software since 1986.

We used Mandala’s GL, Accounts Payable and Payroll Packages until the fall of 1999, and then our company added the Mandala Inventory and Accounts Receivable packages as well as the new Fuel package to our system. It involved the coordination of 4 branches in total and with the help of Mandala’s personnel it ran smoothly.

The staff is very knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and only a phone call away. Responses to problems are handled very quickly and the ability to explain the problem in a way that the customer can understand, has made Mandala’s support one of their strongest assets.

The staff understands our business so in turn they can provide us with the quick answers to our questions as well as the knowledge to help us expand our software and hardware requirements as we grow.

We have enjoyed the relationship we have with Mandala and look forward to many more years of reliable support and service.grow.

Cheryl MacNeill
Accounting Technician
Island Petroleum Products Ltd.

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